TeamEscape 262 offers Team Building Workshops

Teamescape 262 was designed and built to accommodate groups who want to do  Team Building.   We do tons of Team Building workshops at 262.  A Festival Foods executive recently state “I cannot think of

a better team building option than to do an escape room. Think of it, there are no physical limitations that are ever a concern.  Everybody can do it and it exposes peoples strenghts all while have a great time!”  Kurt C.  Marketing Executive for Festival Foods.  Search, , Work Together, Solve and Celebrate !

the day.  We have 2 different meeting rooms built to meet

all your audio & video needs.  We offer several different team building packages to make sure you have a very productive and memorable day.

TeamEscape 262 also offe

rs Servant Leadership Workshops.  This 1/2 day workshop focuses on the fundamental belief that Healthy Relationships = Healthy Organizations and that ‘To Lead… one must first Serve by identifiying and meeting legitimate needs of those on their teams. M

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nformation can be found on our Servant Leader workshops at www.teamescape262.comor call us anytime at 262.415.5520.  Team Escape 262 is a great spot to host your next group function.  We can handle groups of up to 50.  We have 2 meeting rooms, offer great food and beverage options along with some of the finest Escape room action in the Midwest!

Pizzas, sodas are part of all of our packages.  With advance notice

we will even allow you to bring in some adult beverages (conditions do apply).  Please call 262-415-5520 or email us at

TeamEscape 262 is located in Menomonee Falls just south of the Piggly Wiggly in Falls Plaza 3.  We have free surface parking RIGHT in front of our door.  Visit us at for more details.