TeamEscape 262 offers Black Friday Special

Hello Escapees!

A couple of important notes from TeamEscape 262 for the Thanksgiving Holiday fast approaching.


1st – No better time than Black Friday to lock-in (excuse the pun 🙂 to some great savings for fun at TeamEscape 262.  We are offering 25% off your purchase in-store or by phone ONLY from Nov 23rd to Nov 25th.

Extended Hours

We are also excited to offer extended morning/day hours on Wed, Nov 21st and Fri, Nov 23rd!!!

Lastly our new game !

‘Christmas Crisis’ opens on Friday.

Ebeneezer the Elf is trying to steal Christmas.  Check it out here  In the middle of the night, an angry Ebenezer fled the North Pole and made his way straight to Wisconsin.  Before he left, he took with him four magical possessions.  Santa’s Hat, Frosty the Snowman’s Corn Cob Pipe, Rudolph’s Red Nose and a Bottle of Christmas Spirit.  You must find these four items and return them to the mantle on the fireplace in less than 60 minutes.  Join us in this heart-warming story loaded twists and turns.    BOOK NOW