TeamEscape 262 offers Birthdays for young and old!

Teamescape 262 was designed and built to accommodate parties of all types.  We do tons of birthday parties where escape, clues and puzzles carryescape room team building_adult birthday party photo at TeamEscape 262

the day.  We have 2 different party rooms with TV / Music / Special puzzle challenges and much more.  We can customize your party capture the essence of working together, solving puzzles and having

some good old fashion fun!  Information on our parties can be found at TE 262 Birthdays. \   We offer several different birthday packages to make sure you have a very special day.  Pizzas, sodas are part of all of our packages.  With advance notice Escape Room Birthday Party

we will even allow you to bring in some adult beverages (conditions do apply).  Please call 262-415-5520 or email us at

TeamEscape 262 is located in Menomonee Falls just south of the Piggly Wiggly in Falls Plaza 3.  We have free surface parking RIGHT in front of our door.  We will do everything possible to make sure your guest of honor has a great time on their birthday.