Oshkosh North HS visits for Team Building program

Oshkosh North High School PBIS and Link Crew visits for a Servant Leadership Workshop. The students learned about the wonderful principals of Servant Leadership. They learned about the foundation of the very practical leadership style that is fueling top performing organization around the world. We share the stories of organizations like Southwest Airlines, Festival Foods, Kwik Trip, Kimberly Highs School Football and many others. This 1 to 2 hour program highlights some of the successes and failures of great organizations who have dared to be different. To reach the hearts and minds of those in their organziation. We explain the very intentional and unwavering commitment to showing each other that they truly care and will hold each other accountable to expectations and standards. This is all done focusing both on building relationships while accomplishing tasks!  It is amazing what can be done by reaching the hearts and minds of those on your team or organization.

TeamEscape 262 offers several different leadership workshop options. Feel free to call Steve @ (262) 415-5520 or steve@teamescape262.com for more details on this wonderful program.