Little Folks Daycare Leadership Workshop at TeamEscape 262

Little Folks Daycare from Kewaskum came out and spent the day with TeamEscape 262 located in Menomonee Falls. The day was spent learning about the powerful principals of Servant Leadership and team building.  TeamEscape 262 hosts groups from all over SE Wisconsin for our 1/2 day Servant Leader workshops. The 1/2 day workshop includes 2 hours our instruction on leadership development and 1 hour of Escape Room action which focuses on communication, problem solving and working together as a unit all while having a lot of fun.

This workshop focuses on the fundamental belief that Healthy Relationships = Healthy Organizations and that ‘To Lead… one must first Serve by identifiying and meeting legitimate needs of those on their teams. More information can be found on our Servant Leader workshops at or call us anytime at 262.415.5520.  Team Escape 262 is a great spot to host your next group function.  We can handle groups of up to 50.  We have 2 meeting rooms, offer great food and beverage options along with some of the finest Escape room action in the Midwest!

Thank you again to Little Folks Daycare from Kewaskum for investing in their team and trying to build better relationships!