Christamas Escape Room

Christmas Escape Room

Open from November 25th thru January!

Located inside of West Bend Axe & Escape

The Bartender is your guide on this unique escape room adventure.  Whether you need a drink, a hint, or an all out clue, your bartender is there for you.

The neighborhood charm of your favorite bar, mixed with the creative excitement that only an escape room experience can bring

Escape Rooms are GREAT for a LOT of reasons.  Explore - Think - Solve - Celebrate.

  • Bachelor / Bachelorette Parties -  We have Axe Throwing, Escape Room, Beer Bar / Hard Seltzer and more.
  • Team Building - people are forced to work TOGETHER in a confined yet roomy space.  They must collaborate - think outside the box and apply their ideas.  HMMMM might those habits help your organization???
  • Date Nights - We can handle up to 12 people in this large room!
  • Family Gatherings.. really from 8 to 80 can play in an escape room.  It is a little humbling to have your 10 year old figure things out before you!
  • Youth Groups - We do a lot of High School and College teams and organizations come in to think, solve and celebrate.
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