“Christmas Crisis” Escape Room opens November 21st at Team Escape 262

TeamEscape 262 of Menomonee Falls is proud to announce our newest game which opens November 21st and runs throught the first week of January 2019.

Here’s the story…

Ebenezer The Angry Elf has hijacked Christmas. 

The future of Christmas is in your hands!

In the middle of the night, an angry Ebenezer fled the North Pole and made his way     

straight to Wisconsin.  Before he left, he took with him four magical possessions.  Santa’s Hat

, Frosty the Snowman’s Corn Cob Pipe, Rudolph’s Red Nose and a Bottle of Christmas Spirit.  You must find these four items and return them to the mantle on the fireplace in less than 60 minutes.

Good Luck.

The Entire World is counting on you!!!!