Servant Leadership Workshop at TeamEscape 262 – Check out this testimonial

“Wisconsin Resource Center came out last week for TeamEscape 262’s leadership workshop “Reaching Hearts and Minds through Servant Leadership”.  WRC has brought out several groups over the past year to better improve their culture and the work experience in general.  This 3 hour workshop is hosted by Patrick Van Abel who is a founder of TeamEscape 262, Badger Sports Park (Appleton) and owns different business across the state of Wisconsin.  Some typical takeaways in our workshop are

  • People don’t care what you know until they know that you truly care
  • The first job of any leader is to remove the FEAR in their organization
  • The biggest failure in leadership is “Conflict Avoidance”
  • The tremendous difference between “Power” cultures and “Influence”

A team member (Sara B.) from WRC gave us the following –  “I thought Pat did an excellent job.  He clearly did his homework in reading our pre-training reports and has a gift of incorporating the issues into his presentation without fronting anyone out and making them uncomfortable. He is very easy to listen to – gives a good balance of knowledge with personal/business experiences.  I like that he is direct with the group when asking/answering questions.  I would highly recommend his training to others.”

At TeamEscape 262, we truly strive to tailor this workshop to your organizations needs.  Leadership is all about accepting feedback on our behaviors!  We offer real world deliverable stuff of what local, regional and national organizations are actually doing to improve their culture.

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Thanks much!